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,I have had my puppy for over a month now. We got him at 8 weeks old. Ya know, and usually it requires me to hold up my hand or to .. I started paper training him with puppy pads and he would pee on them but not poo. we have tried showing him his poop and pee and telling him no and t.I got a new puppy from the humane society hes 6 weeks old and today i went to take him for alittle walk (i believe in getting them socialized at a young age) and he was rolling on the ground and pu. 1) I've trained Caesar how to sit. I started exposing him to the crate at about 8 weeks. He eats in his cage I toss treats in there as well and I can get him to stay in it for over and hour with th. My question is does he need speciali. She is 9 months old and clearly a dachshund SOMETHING mix.we're pretty sure its beagle, but could be wrong (she was a stray) Shes mostly a.Hey there, I have some more questions about puppy training. I live . He's a husky beagle mix. He is about four months old. Yeah, he's 5 months old and will not stop peeing in the house. But this is when he is offered a treat, its not working.My puppies are 3 weeks old and I want to start training them before they go to there homes.We just got a new puppy from the humane society. I only had him for week and I want to start training him ASAP, he is 3 months old and he is a small Chihuahua.My puppy is about 14 weeks old. He is actually crate trained too. At the rescue. Is it still to early? What are some good websites for information? Are westies easy to potty train?I have a 9 week old male beagle pup.My Lab Puppy is now 11 weeks old.I have had my puppy for a month and half, were trying to get him house trained. Well, like using a wee wee pad. He won't go outside unless we take him, he is still not allowed out as he Still needs one more jab. For the past three weeks I have been try.I just adopted a male chow/shepherd mix from a rescue, he was either running around a h