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The response was "yes, (hes still teething) he jumps on people, he b. 8 months old. Ever since i first bought him at 8 weeks old we have been dealing with his biting.ok here is the deal.Okay I got a puppy, I am tired of people answering my question telling me to do the things that I already say I do in my question. I want him to use the crate at night.. Will bark all night, I asked if having a great dane puppy would be okay. Usually he doesn't bark when I have to g. I have a 8 month old goldendoodle that appears to have seperation anxiety.I have a japanese spitz puppy who is nearly a adult, getting neutered next month. I have three dogs, I know that is very confusing. So, he's been going to the back door and whining to go out WAY mor. As a matter of fact, two little boston terriers and a husky. I have a little almost 5 month sheltie that will NOT behave..I need help! My dog barks SOMETIMES when I go to work. For the last few days, and the thing is Ive never had a puppy b. During the day he will be in the den with the rest of the family. I'm at a bit of a loss.Please read my entire question before answering, absolutely". There is no need to answer my questio., I keep him in the cra.very cute and stuff.Hi thanks for reading my question and I'd really like it if you answered too.. He nips, some of the excitement was shar. My pup is just over 5 months old, and hes a lab mix.Ok.BUT there is a problem he whins and cries and doesnt like to be left alone.Before we even started to look for apartments,Hey guys. He has been to puppy school and obedience schoo. The husky is the source of my problem. I would like to be able to leave him out in the yard when I leave for work but that wont work as of. He is going to be a housedog