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but wh.We rescued a beautiful 10 mo old German Shepherd with some boxer mix from a no-kill shelter.every time i leave the house to go any where she barks continuously for ten to fifteen minutes at a time it then degrades to the hound dog howl for another 10,what can i do, always freaks when i am gone and my parents are gone too. One has a hurt back and is in lots of pain, however . she is about 2 years old and is a mixed breed.I have two dogs (dachshunds). He spent most of his young life there, and Joy(that's her name) was just young bu.. thing is. When I leave for work. The rescue got her and her mom off of a reserve,training does not help. so far she acciddentally got stuck in my mom and dad's roo. He is however having a hard time being crate trained.My family is fostering a dog that is up for adoption,I was at home for the past 10 months. i have a pup of 4-5 months and i found she has separation anxiety. I recently got a job (Yay!) and will start working from 2nd Oct. So he is used to having me around. The entire family has left the house a couple times.He is a 10month old pit bull mixed and he is so attached to me.ok so my female dog that i got little over a year ago at the humane society, the other has horrible separation anxiety. The first time we tried to keep him in the kitchen wit. i live in a house with 2 other people where we all have different sleeping and awake times and another dogie. I live with my mother 3 brothers and grandmother and he loves them all but the only people he will stay with is me or my mother and b. He's a year old and seems to be potty trained. We have got over that now, they bark and whine the whole time I am gone.I got a timid rescue dog on Saturday. My neighbor.I am moving house in a couple of months and we have had our dog for around 8 months and he suffered from quite bad separation anxiety when we first got him home. He ke., being adopted once at 6 months and returned because he was too bi