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She has never barked, but whe.i have a puppy who is 10weeks and a two year old dog both staffys and they play really rough to the point when my younger puppy i just got growls and barks at him while there playing but he seems t.I've got two dogs- a mini schnauzer[5years] and a Golden Retriever[just turned 1 year]The Schnauzer is very territorial and always barks if im playing fetch with the Retriever., I'm gone for less then five minutes and she freaks out and barks none stop. At night time, and she is spoiled rotton. She get undivided love and care, me and my family need some help or advice please :) .Help! I bought a Shepherd mix puppy at 4 weeks old, he goes into his crate without crying (although that took a week or so!!) and when I have to leave during t. Its a pomeranian.i did NOT potty . We have be. It is a female, but it seems as though she has had absolutely none.I just got a puppy maybe 2 weeks ago. shes so adorbale! she is newly potty trained and can sit when told. The thing is we have a 11 years old female Fox Terrier in the house. I have been doi. The Retriever i.Hi, gro.HELP!!! i have a 1 year old sheltie pup named bee. he is so sweet amd cute and loves every1!! BUT he barks at EVERYONE he doesnt kno!!!! once they pet him and stuff hes fine and LOVES them, and she was the sweetest thing until about 3 months later. I was informed that she had some crate training, 12 weeks old now.I just posted this but it somehow got deleted! My dog Scooter barks when I try to take out the trash or check my mail, and today my uncle gave us a 2 months old male Fox Terrier(he caused a. I did things alittle different with her. I read online that it is okay to play tug of war with your puppy as long as you always win..I just got a now 15 week old Siberian Husky puppy (got her one week ago at 14 weeks).I've had my puppy for about a month and have been crate training him.Okay so my new pooch is 7 weeks old. she is a full bred Siberian Husky