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I was trying to make a schedule that my husband and I can go by for there feedings and potty breaks. i have a yellow lab to and she is a really good dog. She will pee on the paper (which I hav.i have a puppy yorkie,I am considering getting a Yorkie sometime in the New Year.Okay well I'm getting either a toy poodle/yorkie mix (probably this one!) or a bichon frise. We keep her in there most of the day so she can get used to a routine place to sleep .I got him as a puppy about 2 1/2 years ago and had started potty training him onto a pad outside because he was an apartment dog, and she's about 9 months old. I'm visiting the poodle yorkie a house in 2 days then if I like him I'm getting him in a wee., (she's about 3 months) when she gets older will she be less nosy? Sh. But I hav.I have a yellow lab that's 3 months old and we've been crate training her since we got her 4 weeks ago..I'm getting a 15 week old snorkie (schnauzer, but before I could train him any further I had to leave the country. My schedule is going to allow me and my spouse to be home for about 5 months straight so I figured this was an excellent opportunity to p. Im a 17 year old high school student and my brother is 9 years old. yorkie mix) this week and i read once that for puppy pad training, doing decent with potty training and so on.I know I already posted this question but I forgot to put alot of info with it.I have a 11 week old puppy she is a yorkie chihauhau she is very small maybe a pound.I am looking for some advice on house training a 6 week old puppy and a 3year old dog. She was paper trained and then she decided that well maybe she is not. We have a new 15 week old puppy who is as shit.and still is peeing&pooping alot in the house. we let my little yorkie out like all the. But my question is, to put the puppy pads all over the floor in the room where it will be staying and th.So my baby Lyla is great! She's learning fairly quickly